Vermont Conduct Rules

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Long Title: 
Vermont Rules of Professional Conduct
Published/Promulgated by
Name of entity: 
Vermont Supreme Court
Type of entity: 
Jurisdiction within country: 
Who is subject to this regulation?: 
Lawyers generally

Vermont Bar Association:

To foster respect for the rule of law by cultivating the science of jurisprudence, promoting reform in the law, facilitating the administration of justice, elevating the standards of the legal profession, cherishing a collegial spirit in the legal profession and perpetuating the memory of its members.

We value the rule of law as the cornerstone of a democratic society; equal access to justice; a collegial legal community whose members are respected and honest; competence, diligence; an informed and wise reformation of the law; and the special role of the lawyer as a public servant.

We share a fervent commitment to provide a collegial community within which the VBA and its members may pursue our mission and implement our values.

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