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Successful Business Planning

Submitted by Tiffany Roberts on Wed, 03-09-2016
Long title
Successful Business Planning: Serving the Moderate Income Client
Author(s) or Book Editor(s)
Colorado Bar Association
Colorado Bar Association Modest Means Taskforce
Author(s)' contact information
CBA main number: 303-860-1115
Toll-free in Colorado: 800-332-6736
Main fax number: 303-894-0821
CLE main number: 303-860-0608
Colorado Bar Association
Place of publication
United States
Successful Business Planning: Representing the Moderate Income Client is designed to assist lawyers in developing a successful and financially viable practice that incorporates representation of moderate income clients. The manual includes practical and ethical considerations in developing a business plan and providing representation. Among the tools are sample forms (included in electronic form), such as an interactive business planning spreadsheet that calculates the amount of income needed to cover overhead, personnel, and lawyer earnings. There is also a discussion about the value of mentorship and other ways to gain competency, many offered through membership in the Colorado Bar Association.
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