RLDC Incubator Program

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Richmond Legal Development Center; Legal Incubator Program
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Richmond Legal Development Center
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The Richmond Legal Development Center is Virginia’s first legal incubator. Concerned by the lack of employment opportunities for recent law school graduates, Barbara Picard joined with Eppa Hunton VI to launch the RLDC as a way for young attorneys to bridge the gap between the study and practice of law. Located in the same building as Barbara’s law practice, the RLDC provides a collaborative environment for young attorneys to establish their own practices. Attorneys participating in the RLDC also receive mentoring and instruction from experienced local attorneys and other professionals.

The mentoring program is what makes the RLDC unique. Mentors volunteer to answer both legal questions related to client representation and non-legal questions related to establishing their practices. The mentors who have volunteered bring a wide range of legal knowledge and experiences allowing RLDC attorneys to provide a wide range of affordable legal services to their clients.

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