Riding the Elephant and Giving Voice to Values

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Riding the Elephant and Giving Voice to Values: Developing Students’ Capacity to Cope with Ethical Dilemmas in Legal Practice
Holmes, Vivien
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Legal Workshop, Australian National University College of Law vivien.holmes@anu.edu.au liz.curran@anu.edu.au
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Many legal ethics courses develop students’ ability to identify and analyse ethical issues and even to determine ‘the right thing to do’. However, we know from extensive research in behavioural ethics that well developed ethical reasoning abilities do not necessarily equate to ethical action.

The ANU Legal Workshop has adapted the Giving Voice to Values curriculum developed by Mary Gentile (Babson College, USA) to move students beyond ethical analysis to ethical action in legal practice.

This Paper will:

1. Briefly explore what we can learn from behavioural ethics about ethical decision making and ethical action.

2. Demonstrate how we use the GVV curriculum in a legal practice contexts; and

3. Provide an overview, based on our empirical research of student and staff reactions to the pedagogy employed.

The session will be interactive. Participants will be invited to engage in one of the GVV exercises we use in the course and debrief/reflect on issues emerging.

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