Rhode Island Student Practice Rule

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Long Title: 
Rhode Island Supreme Court Rules, Article II, Rule 9(c)
Published/Promulgated by
Name of entity: 
Rhode Island Supreme Court
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Jurisdiction within country: 
Rhode Island
Who is subject to this regulation?: 

A senior law student, who has completed successfully the equivalent of at least three full-time semesters of law school study and who has completed or is enrolled in a course for credit in evidence or trial practice, may appear without compensation on behalf of the State (including a subdivision thereof or a municipal corporation) or on behalf of indigent parties in criminal or civil proceedings in the District Court, in the Family Court, in the Administrative Adjudication Court or its successor tribunal, in any municipal court (including probate or housing), or before any state or municipality administrative agency, board, or department, providing that the conduct of the case is under the general supervision of a member of the bar of this State who, as appropriate, is a regular or special assistant attorney general or municipality solicitor, or is employed by the Office of the Public Defender or any other State agency, or is associated with an organized and
approved program providing legal services to indigents which program is either 1) funded in
whole or in part by the federal government or by the Rhode Island Bar Foundation or 2) sponsored by a law school accredited and approved by the American Bar Association.

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