New Hampshire Conduct Rules

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Long Title: 
New Hampshire Rules of Professional Conduct
Published/Promulgated by
Name of entity: 
Supreme Court of the State of New Hampshire
Type of entity: 
Jurisdiction within country: 
New Hampshire
Who is subject to this regulation?: 
Lawyers generally

The purposes of the New Hampshire Bar Association are to improve the administration of justice; to foster and maintain high standards of conduct, integrity, competence and public service on the part of those engaged in the practice of law; to safeguard the proper professional interests of the members of the Bar; to provide a forum for the discussion of subjects pertaining to the practice of law, the science of jurisprudence and law reform, and the relations of the Bar to the public; to carry on a continuing program of legal research and education; and to encourage cordial relations among members of the Bar; all without regard to race, national origin, religion, creed, gender or sexual orientation, and to the end that the public responsibility of the legal profession may be more effectively discharged. The Association shall confine its activities before the General Court to those matters which are related directly to the administration of justice; the composition and operation of the courts; the practice of law and the legal profession.

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