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N. Ireland Barristers Code

Submitted by Rosebella Nyonje on Fri, 07-19-2013
Long Title
Code of Conduct for the Bar of Northern Ireland
Published/Promulgated by
Name of entity
The Bar of Northern Ireland
Type of entity
Entity Contact
United Kingdom
Jurisdiction within country
Northern Ireland
Who is subject to this regulation?
The Bar Council is the professional body representing barristers in Northern Ireland. Among other things it seeks to maintain the honour and independence of the Bar as part of the legal system. Through its Professional Conduct Committee, which includes people who are not barristers, it receives and investigates complaints against members of the Bar.
This Code of Conduct, which applies to all barristers whenever called to the Bar and whether or not they are practising, was adopted by the Bar in General Meeting on 8th November 1990 and replaces the Handbook issued by the Bar Council in December 1979. A revised Code of Conduct came into operation on 6th March 2003. This Code of Conduct also applies to those registering under Article 3 of the Lawyers’ Establishment Directive 98/5/EC in the same way as it applies to practising barristers notwithstanding that such persons are not called to the Bar. The most up to date revised Code came into force on 27th May 2010.
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