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Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service
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Louisville Bar Association
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The Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service (KLRS), a public service sponsored by the Louisville Bar Association, refers callers to attorneys in their geographical area who are qualified to handle their specific legal problems.
Attorneys are available in all areas of law including divorce, bankruptcy, labor law, real estate and worker's compensation.
Pro bono attorneys are not available. However, reduced-fee attorneys are available to those who qualify. If a caller requests a reduced-fee attorney, the KLRS assistant will ask a series of questions regarding the caller's ability to pay for legal services. For those who qualify, reduced-fee attorneys are available for most areas of law.
KLRS attorneys agree to give an initial consultation up to 30 minutes for free. Additional fees should be discussed with the referred attorney.
If the caller may be better served by a social service or government agency rather than an attorney, the KLRS assistant may recommend that the caller contact the appropriate organization or agency.

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