Institute for Law Teaching and Learning—Summer 2016 Conference

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Institute for Law Teaching and Learning—Summer 2016 Conference “Real-World Readiness”
Fri, Jun 10th 1:15 pm - Sat, Jun 11th 1:15 pm
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Washburn University School of Law - Topeka, Kansas
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Institute for Law Teaching & Learning
Gonzaga University
Washburn School of Law
William H. Bowen School of Law
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For more information, please visit our website ( or contact any one of the ILTL Co-Directors: Professor Emily Grant 785-670-1677 Associate Dean Sandra Simpson 509-313-3809 Professor Kelly Terry 501-324-9946


Institute for Law Teaching and Learning—Summer 2016 Conference
“Real-World Readiness”
June 10-11, 2016
Washburn University School of Law—Topeka, Kansas

The Institute for Law Teaching and Learning invites proposals for conference workshops addressing the many ways that law schools are preparing students to enter the real world of law practice. With the rising demands for “practice-ready” lawyers, this topic has taken on increased urgency in recent years. How are law schools and law professors taking on the challenge of graduating students who are ready to join the real world of practicing attorneys? Can we be doing more?

The Institute takes a broad view of educational practices that promote real-world readiness. Accordingly, we welcome proposals for workshops on incorporating such teaching techniques in doctrinal, clinical, externship, writing, seminar, hybrid, and interdisciplinary courses. Workshops can address real-world readiness in first-year courses, upper-level courses, required courses, electives, or academic support teaching. Workshops can present innovative teaching materials, course designs, curricular or program designs, etc. Each workshop should include materials that participants can use during the workshop and also when they return to their campuses. Presenters should model best practices in teaching methods by actively engaging the workshop participants.

The Institute invites proposals for 60-minute workshops consistent with a broad interpretation of the conference theme. To be considered for the conference, proposals should be one single-spaced page (maximum) and should include the following information:
• the title of the workshop;
• the name, address, telephone number, and email address of the presenter(s);
• a summary of the contents of the workshop, including its goals and methods; and
• an explanation of the interactive teaching methods the presenter(s) will use to engage the audience.

The Institute must receive proposals by February 1, 2016. Submit proposals via email to Emily Grant, Co-Director, Institute for Law Teaching and Learning, at

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