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Workshop on Teaching Legal Ethics, Spring 2015

Submitted by Nigel Duncan on Tue, 11-24-2015
Long title
7th Teaching Legal Ethics UK Workshop, City Law School, 20 March 2015
Conference location
City Law School
United Kingdom
Sponsor organization(s) or institution(s)
City Law School Centre for the Study of Legal Professional Practice
Sponsor(s)' contact information
Nigel Duncan
City Law School,
4, Gray's Inn Place
London WC1R 5DX,
Conference Description
The workshop explored the funding of a community of practice on teaching legal ethics, the development of the International Forum on Teaching Legal Ethics ( and three innovative ideas for teaching ethics at different stages of students’ legal learning. These include contributions to programmes designed for aspirant paralegals, explorations of the use of the judicial oath as a guide to learning and working with a research report into character strengths and responses to ethical dilemmas to develop ethical comprehension. These make a contribution to our developing understanding of how we might best respond to the LETR recommendations 6 and 7 on professional ethics.
Proposals to develop funding for a UK community of practice concerned with teaching legal ethics were prepared and are attached.
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