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Understanding and Learning Moral Courage

Submitted by Nigel Duncan on Wed, 06-19-2013
Long title
Teaching Legal Ethics UK: Workshop on Understanding and Learning Moral Courage
Conference location
City Law School, London
United Kingdom
Sponsor organization(s) or institution(s)
City Law School
Sponsor(s)' contact information
Nigel Duncan
Conference Description
This is the fourth in a series of workshops designed to consider all aspects of the teaching and learning of legal ethics in undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and continuing legal education. It will take place at City Law School, London from 10 am – 5 pm on Friday 12 July 2013 and will be free of charge.
Previous workshops have included role-play, demonstrations of learning resources, discussion of using simulations and other active learning methods, as well as considerations of underlying issues such as why we consider teaching legal ethics important, who we seek to benefit and what we understand by doing so.
Workshops on the day include:
• Lessons from Gandhi: Transforming legal education. Clark Cunningham, Georgia State University
• What makes a person morally courageous? Graham Ferris and Jane Jarman, Nottingham Law School
• Reflections on moral courage and the necessity of practical wisdom. Phil Drake and Stuart Toddington, University of Huddersfield
• Learning to take a stand through storytelling. Dawn Watkins and Alison Davies, University of Leicester
• A virtue approach to understanding courage in legal practice. Hywel Thomas, Luca Badini Confalonieri and Ben Kotzee, University of Birmingham
To see the full Programme plus abstracts and to book a place (limited to a total of 30) please apply on
The Workshop will be followed by the Launch of City Law School’s new Centre for the Study of Legal Professional Practice, with a keynote address by Baroness Hale. All participants will be welcome to join us in celebrating this new Centre.
Nigel Duncan, Convenor.
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