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Ideas for Teaching Ethics and Professionalism posted at
Cunningham, Clark D.
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W. Lee Burge Professor of Law & Ethics
Georgia State University College of Law and
Director, National Institute for Teaching Ethics & Professionalism
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Continuing Legal Education Regulators' Association
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New York City
United States
1. How the Burge Endowment for Law & Ethics at Georgia State was Funded:
2. National Institute for Teaching Ethics & Professionalism (NIFTEP):
a. 2007 Workshop: What Can Be Done in One Hour? How to Design a One-hour Class or CLE Session That Makes a Difference:
b. Next scheduled workshop: November 12-14, 2010.
c. To receive notice when the application for each workshop is available, please email with "NIFTEP MAILING LIST" in the subject line.
3. The Four Component Model for Moral Behavior
a. Cunningham & Alexander, Developing Professional Judgment: Law School Innovations in Response to the Carnegie Foundation's Critique of American Legal Education: /content/developing-professional-judgment
4. Including Assessment in CLE
a. The Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction:
i. On-Line Assessments for Legal Ethics:
5. Putting CLE participants in Role: The OPM Exercise
a. ABA Model Rule 1.13 (Organization as Client):
b. Instructions for the Exercise: /content/opm-exercise
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