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New Orleans Bar Modest Means

Submitted by Misha Cohen on Thu, 02-27-2014
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New Orleans Bar Association: LRS Modest Means
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New Orleans Bar Association
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The Family Law Modest Means Panel
The New Orleans Bar Association is working harder than ever to assist in the effort to provide affordable legal services; especially in the areas of Family Law. The Modest Means Panel has been designed to provide legal services to families whose total household income is less than $50,000 for a family of four. Attorneys who elect to join the service will agree to charge referral clients no more than $75 per hour for services rendered. Last year, more than 15% of our referrals were in the area of Family Law, including 6% to the Modest Means panel. We anticipate an even higher percentage in the coming years. So call today and make a difference.
The Successions Modest Means Panel
In light of the succession deadline set by Road Home, the Lawyer Referral Service has set up a Modest Means Succession panel. Since this directly affects the recovery of New Orleans and the well-being of our citizens, the New Orleans Bar Association established this panel to help those who are of modest means and cannot pay customary legal fees. The Lawyer Referral Service will not charge a fee to LRS members to join this panel. The client referrals will be based on household size and income. For example, a family of four whose total household income is less than $75,000 is eligible. Please contact the Lawyer Referral Service Coordinator at (504) 525-7453 for more information.
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