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Maryland Student Practice Rule

Submitted by Kay Hill on Thu, 09-12-2013
Long Title
Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Maryland Rule 16
Published/Promulgated by
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Maryland Court of Appeals
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United States
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In connection with a clinical program, a law student, who has completed at least one-third of the required law school hours, may appear in any trial court or the Court of Special Appeals or otherwise engage in the practice of law in Maryland provided that the supervising attorney (1) is satisfied that the student is competent to perform the duties assigned, (2) assumes responsibility for the quality of the student's work, (3) directs and assists the student to the extent necessary, in the supervising attorney's professional judgment, to ensure that the student's participation is effective on behalf of the client the student represents, and (4) accompanies the student when the student appears in court or before an administrative agency.
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