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Keeping a Reflective Diary

Submitted by Tiffany Roberts on Wed, 08-19-2015
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Keeping a Reflective Diary, Donald Nicolson Excerpted from Clinical LLB Handbook University of Strathclyde, Scotland
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Other teaching material
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Donald Nicolson
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According to some educational theorists ‘Learning occurs not in the doing but in the reflection and conceptualisation that takes place during and after the event’. The writing of a diary constitutes the main form in which such reflection takes place. In order to gain the necessary credit for the CLP class, from the second semester of the first year of the CLLB for graduate entrants or the first semester of the second year for school leavers, students must keep a diary during each semester in which they reflect on any relevant clinic experience they have during this period or in previous fortnights which they have yet to reflect on in the diary. In all semesters other than semester 1 of your final year when you are exclusively required to write diaries for the Ethics and Justice, this should be done fortnightly. The rest of this section relates to the standard diary requirements – for the specific requirements for the writing and submission of diaries for the Ethics and Justice class, see the relevant handbook
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