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Incubators Growing

Submitted by Clark Cunningham on Fri, 01-31-2014
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INCubator-Style Programs Growing Among Law Schools
Finkel, Ed
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Student Lawyer (American Bar Association)
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United States
City University of New York (CUNY) created a Community Legal Resource Network (CLRN)that allows CUNY alumni attorneys across the country to share experience and learn from each other. In 2007, CLRN launched its Incubator for Justice project that supports CUNY law graduates in gaining early experience to launch their careers. CLRN participants must be admitted to practice in New York, have a demonstrated commitment to justice, and, among other requirements, commit to spend 18 months in the Incubator program. Project participants are trained in business basics like record keeping, bookkeeping, and billing. They also receive practice area training to develop their legal skills Through the Incubator, participants get subsidized office space and a full set of office amenities too. Law schools are increasingly recognizing the need for expanded hands-on, post-graduate training for new lawyers, much like rotations and fellowships for freshly minted MDs. They also realize there is no shortage of those who would have difficulty affording market-rate representation. Through individualized “incubator” programs the CLRN and similar efforts set up more like traditional law firms, law schools are addressing both problems.
42 Student Lawyer No. 2 (Oct 2013)
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