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Submitted by Nigel Duncan on Fri, 09-13-2013
Long title
6th International Legal Ethics Conference
Conference location
City University London
United Kingdom
Sponsor organization(s) or institution(s)
International Association of Legal Ethics
City Law School, City University London
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Conference Description
The sixth in the series of International Legal Ethics Conferences, held, to date, at Exeter, UK; Auckland, NZ; Gold Coast, Australia; Stanford, US; and Banff, Canada. This conference will be held at City University in the heart of London. The main conference sessions will take place on the Northampton Square campus, close to London's theatres, museums and restaurants. The dinner on Friday night will take place in the Great Hall, Inner Temple. The City Law School is part of City University London and incorporates the historic Inns of Court School of Law, the first institution to provide training for the Bar of England & Wales. Its professional programmes are still taught within Gray's Inn, one of the original Inns of Court.
“Legal Ethics at a Time of Regulatory Change”
Proposals for presenting a paper or panel are invited from scholars from all disciplines, legal professionals, judges and students. Presenters are encouraged to submit papers within one of the following streams:
1. Culture, Technology, Ethics and Society
2. Empirical Approaches to Legal Ethics
3. Philosophy and Legal Ethics
4. Regulation of the Profession(s)
5. Ethics and Legal Education
The Conference will be organised into sessions of 90 minutes each. Normally, three papers will be presented in any one session. Alternatively, a proposal for a Panel involving discussion or other formats will be considered. Proposals should either indicate the stream in which the paper or panel is to be presented or identify with clarity an alternative theme within which the proposal sits.
In order to accommodate a diverse group of presenters, participants should not present in more than two events.
The deadline date for proposals is January 31, 2014.
The ILEC Conference series:
Within a relatively short period the ILEC series has established momentum and greater awareness of the ethical and moral foundations of modern lawyering, and throughout the world. While much work remains to be done in many jurisdictions to justify, and secure, the rightful place of legal ethics in the law curriculum of the future, and legal thought more generally, the ILEC series continues to inspire the next generation of law teachers to find new ways to communicate the excitement, commitment and skepticism that perhaps characterizes the scholarship and values of our emergent discipline.
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