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Developing Ethical Lawyers

Submitted by Nigel Duncan on Wed, 09-05-2012
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Developing Ethical Lawyers: Can legal education enhance access to justice?
Webb, Julian
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The Law Teacher
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United Kingdom
This is one of six articles collected into a Special Issue of the Law Teacher on Ethics in Legal Education, published in 1999.
Julian Webb's concern is more for the methods by which the teaching of legal ethics might be introduced. He reminds us of the growing need for ethical discourse in the UK context of the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Woolf reforms to civil justice. Taking as given that teaching can never be value-free he proposes that the teaching of legal ethics should be both pervasive and sited within a dedicated course and that it should be holistic, based on an understanding of theories of moral development. He goes on to consider critically particular methods which have been widely proposed as media for developing an ethical perspective.
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