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Upcoming Conferences List

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  • American Bar Association ABA-CPR 2019; Wed, May 29th 2019 - Fri, May 31st 2019 Vancouver (Canada)
  • American Bar Association ABA Client Protection 2019; Fri, May 31st 2019 - Sat, Jun 1st 2019 Vancouver (Canada)
  • American Bar Association ABA Specialization Roundtable 2019; Fri, May 31st 2019 - Sat, Jun 1st 2019 Vancouver (Canada)
  • Institute for Law teaching and Learning, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, William H. Bowen School of Law, Gonzaga University, School of Law, Washburn University, School of Law Institute for Law Teaching and Learning Summer Conference; Mon, Jun 3rd 2019 - Wed, Jun 5th 2019 Topeka, Kansas (United States)
  • European Network for Clinical Legal Education, International Journal for Clinical Legal Education IJCLE Conference 2019; Wed, Jul 3rd 2019 - Fri, Jul 5th 2019 Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia (Slovakia)
  • NALP, ALI CLE, Professional Development Consortium NALP 2019; Thu, Dec 5th 2019 - Fri, Dec 6th 2019 Washington D.C. (United States)
  • GAJE, Pasundan University GAJE Conference; Wed, Dec 4th 2019 - Tue, Dec 10th 2019 Bandung, Indonesia (Indonesia)

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