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Professional Identity Formation

Submitted by Clark Cunningham on Wed, 07-11-2018
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Educational Programs for Professional Identity Formation: The Role of Social Science Research
Bebeau, Muriel J.
Thoma, Stephen J.
Cunningham, Clark D.
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Muriel J. Bebeau, PhD, MA
Professor Emeritus, Department of Primary Dental Care
University of Minnesota
15-209 Moos Tower
515 Delaware St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Dr. Stephen Thoma
University Distinguished Research Professor
Educational Psychology Program Coordinator
Director, Center for the Study of Ethical Development
307 Carmichael Hall
BOX 870231
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0231
Clark D. Cunningham
Director, National Institute for Teaching Ethics & Professionalism (NIFTEP)
W. Lee Burge Chair in Law and Ethics
Georgia State University College of Law
P.O. Box 4037
Atlanta, GA 30302-4037
Phone: (404) 413-9168
Fax: (404) 413-9225
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