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International Legal Ethics Conference V
Thu, Jul 12th (All day) - Sat, Jul 14th (All day)
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Banff, Alberta
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International Legal Ethics Conference
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The 5th International Legal Ethics Conference was organized into four streams:
1. Culture, Ethics & Society
Papers and panels in relation to topics such as lawyering for and by indigenous peoples, legal ethics in the developing world, cultural competence, socio-economic barriers to legal services, legal ethics and civil law, cultural and social issues related to judging and the judiciary, and ethical challenges for professional sub-groups such as large law firms, immigration law, rural, criminal defence or family law practitioners

2. Empirical Approaches to Legal Ethics
Papers and panels featuring an empirical approach to questions concerning the structure and demographics of the legal profession, law firms, lawyering, judging and the judiciary.

3. Philosophy and Legal Ethics
Papers and panels related to self-regulation, shifting regulatory models, effective methods of regulating lawyers, regulation by lawyers, or other legal service providers, regulatory theory, continuing legal education, ethics teaching and regulation or accreditation of law school

4. Regulation of the Profession(s) / Ethics and Education
papers and panels relating to jurisprudence, legal theory and their intersection with questions in legal and judicial ethics

The final Schedule, Program, Participant Biographies,Participant Contact Details, and information about the Organizing Committee are attached

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