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IBA RESOLUTION on Money Laundering (Adopted 1995)

Submitted by Tiffany Roberts on Wed, 09/05/2012 - 15:46
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IBA RESOLUTION on Money Laundering (Adopted 1995)
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International Bar Association
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International Bar Association Website
1 through its membership, to continue to support measures taken to counter money laundering and the work of all organisations involved in this endeavour
2 to urge the member organisations to adopt this resolution as a matter of urgency and to urge their national governments to adopt the principle recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force with a view to denying criminals the opportunity to conceal and utilise the proceeds of crime
3 to help promote high common professional standards to be embodied into a Code of Practice to be followed by lawyers worldwide to deny to criminals access to legal services which facilitate the laundering of the proceeds of crime.
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