Hope for Self-Regulation

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IS There Hope for the Self-Regulation of the American Legal Profession?
Moliterno, James
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Washington & Lee University, USA
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International Legal Ethics Conference VI
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City University London

My recent book, The American legal Profession in Crisis: Responses and Resistance to Change (Oxford 2013) examines the reaction of the American legal profession to self-diagnosed crisis. During eight sometimes-interconnected periods since the early 20th Century, the American legal profession has declared that it was in crisis. Its repeated response to crisis was to resist change and attempt to remain the same, against all odds and against the flow of surrounding changes in culture, economics, technology, and globalization. Of course, each time the American legal profession has lost in its effort to remain the same. In this paper and presentation, I will discuss what must change in the legal profession’s change-game if it is to survive in something resembling its present form.

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