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Ethical Professional (Trans)formation

Submitted by John Marshall on Thu, 10-22-2015
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Ethical Professional (Trans)formation: Themes from Interviews about Professionalism with Exemplary Lawyers
Hamilton, Neil W. and Verna E. Monson
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Santa Clara Law Review
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United States
Professional identity formation, once an afterthought in post-graduate education, is now increasingly becoming a focus. This is particularly true of American legal education, which has now adopted standards that exhorts law schools to focus on nurturing a student's sense of ethical professional identity. The challenge of law schools is not just how to teach professional identity formation but to understand what it means for lawyers to have well-formed professional identities. Professors Hamilton and Monson's article "explore[s] the critical need for a fundamental paradigm shift in legal education" -- one that focuses on development each law students "ethical professional identity." They tackle this challenge not just be engaging the theoretical constructs and guidance on this topic, but by performing a series of interviews with a group of honored ethical exemplar attorneys. These interview not only help inform how the best lawyers understand an ethical professional identity, but also delves into the critical considerations regarding how ethical professional identify is modeled and taught.
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