England & Wales-Solicitors Code

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Long Title: 
Solicitors Regulation Authority Code of Conduct 2011 for England and Wales
Published/Promulgated by
Name of entity: 
Solicitors Regulation Authority
Type of entity: 
Regulatory Authority
Jurisdiction within country: 
England & Wales
Who is subject to this regulation?: 

The Solicitors Regulation Authority(SRA)(http://www.sra.org.uk/home/home.page)governs and regulates solicitors in England & Wales aiming to give the public full confidence in the solicitors' profession. The SRA sets the standards for qualifying as a solicitor; monitors the performance of organisations that provide legal training; drafts the rules of professional conduct, particularly to make sure they protect the interests of clients; provides authoritative guidance and rules to solicitors on ethical issues, laws and regulations that affect solicitors' work; administers the roll (register) of solicitors; provides information to the public about solicitors, their work and the standards the public is entitled to expect and sets requirements for solicitors' continuing professional development. Scotland and Northern Ireland solicitors are governed by different professional bodies. Barristers in England & Wales and Northern Ireland are governed by their own respective Bar associations.

The Code forms part of the SRA Handbook, in which the 10 mandatory Principles are all-pervasive. They apply to all those regulated by the SRA (solicitors in England & Wales) and to all aspects of practice. They define the fundamental ethical and professional standards that are expected of all firms and individuals (including owners who may not be lawyers) when providing legal services.

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