SLS Annual Conference

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Long title: 
Society of Legal Scholars Annul Conference
Conference location: 
Southampton University
Sponsor organization(s) or institution(s): 
Society of Legal Scholars

The Practice, Profession and Ethics subject section of the Society of Legal Scholars holds meetings on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th September. Speakers and topics include:
1A Fiona M. Kay (Queen's University, Canada)
'Open Doors and Locked Vaults: Ethnic Diversity and Earnings Attainment in the Practice of Law'

1B Hilary Sommerlad (Leeds Metropolitan), Daniel Muzio & Jennifer Tomlinson (Leeds), Lisa Webley & Liz Duff ( Westminster)
'Exploring individual preferences and closure in the English and Welsh legal profession: a report on qualitative research into diversity in the legal services market'
2A Alan Paterson (Strathclyde )
"Regulating the legal profession in the 21st century"

2B Frances Burton (London Metropolitan )
'More rules and regulations? Caging the Monster Costs in Litigation': Some thoughts on the Jackson Report, the plethora of other initiatives and the role of ADR'

2C Liane Atkin (Northumbria )
Service provision change in contracts for legal work, the impact for law firms as employers '.

3A Jacek Kurczewski (Warsaw)
Old profession in new conditions - ethical debates amongst polish lawyers after 1989'

3B Annette Morris (Cardiff )
'Claims for sale: injured ethics?'

3C Joan Loughrey, (Leeds )
'Reforming the Role of the Corporate Lawyer'.

4A. Alwyn Jones (de Montfort )
Teaching ethics' (probably involving Paulo Freire's pedagogy and psychodynamic counselling theory)

4B Nigel Duncan (City )
'An Interactive Resource and Forum for Teachers of Legal Ethics'