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The Signet Accreditation Program of The Society of Writers to Her Majesty’s Signet (Scotland)
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Georgia State University

The Signet Accreditation is a flagship initiative of The WS Society (The Society of Writers to Her Majesty’s Signet), one of the world’s oldest professional bodies. This program, which accredits Scottish solicitors in specialist areas of legal practice, provides a new way of assessing and accrediting lawyers which applies to substantive knowledge, client-focused skills, and capacity for ethical decisionmaking. Signet Accreditation provides structure for career development and training, and thus represents both a career milestone and a professional credential, which is significant for those employing lawyers and those using lawyers’ services.

This website contains the following links:
Overview of the Signet Accreditation program
-- Powerpoint slides
-- Adobe Acrobat pdf version

Webcast description of the Signet Accreditation program

Web site of of the Signet Accreditation program (

Web site of the WS Society (

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