Global continental shifts

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Global continental shifts to a new governance paradigm in lawyer regulation and consumer protection: riding the wave
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Maute, Judith
Book title: 
Alternative Perspectives on Lawyers and Legal Ethics: Reimagining the Profession
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Bartlett, Francesca
Mortensen, Reid
Tranter, Kieran
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Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
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London and New York

This chapter compares the progressive reforms in the United Kingdom with the balkanized state-based lawyer regulation in the United States. The UK reforms should not be viewed in isolation, but as possible byproducts of earlier reforms in Australia. While reforms in Australia and the UK can be seen as a global trend in the regulation of lawyers, the reform efforts also reflect contextual differences among each nation's history, demographics, and policies of market regulation. These differences affect whether the legal professions maintain primary control over regulatory enforcement.

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