Communications and Partnering

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Perspectives from the In-House and the Outhouse and the Underlying Ethics Issues (Segment on Communications and Partnering)
Faglioni, Kelly L.
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Hunton & Williams LLP, Riverfront East, 951 E. Byrd Street, Richmond, VA 23219 (804-788-7334) (
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NIFTEP Fall 2011 Workshop
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The Inn at Serenbe outside Atlanta, Georgia

This segment of a 2-hour ethics CLE focuses on "Communications and Partnering" that occurs mainly between in-house lawyers and outside counsel. It is introduced by a video highlighting interviews with both in-house lawyers and outside counsel from various practice areas in which they address some of the biggest challenges associated with their practice. Those challenges are then examined in light of the guidance (or lack thereof) in the professional rules on the topics that could be grouped as "communications and partnering" issues.

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