Addressing Lawyer Competence, Ethics and Professionalism

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Chapter author(s): 
Duncan, Nigel J.
Kay, Susan L.
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Book title: 
The Global Clinical Movement: Educating Lawyers for Social Justice
Book editor(s): 
Bloch, Frank S.
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Oxford University Press
Place of publication: 
New York

This is chapter 12 of a book on the global clinical movement in legal education. The book as a whole is concerned with the ways in which the developments of clinical legal education have contributed towards social justice. This chapter looks at one of the core educational goals of any clinical program, training law students in legal ethics and professionalism. The chapter analyzes the advantages of teaching these matters through various types of clinical methods, including real-client settings in which students come face to face with the ethical issues and professional values that arise in the actual practice of law. The book is due to be published by Oxford University Press in October 2010.

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