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Comparative study of Law Students' Values

Submitted by Rosebella Nyonje on Thu, 07-24-2014
Long title
A Comparative Study of Law Students' Perceptions of Their Values n Hong Kong, China and Taiwan: Some Interim Findings
Wu, Richard and Leung, Grace
Author(s)' contact information
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Conference title
International Legal Ethics Conference VI
Conference location
City University London
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This research undertakes a comparative study of the values of law students in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This project attempts to answer four research questions. Firstly, what values are empirically important in determining the behaviors and ethical decision-making of law students in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan? Secondly, whether there is a common core of values shared by law students in these three Chinese places? Thirdly, whether there are differences in value orientations of law students in these three areas? Finally, whether there is a gender difference in the value hierarchies of law students in the Greater China Region? This paper will present some of the interim findings of our research project.
This project is significant as it represents the first empirical legal research project undertaken in the Greater China Region on the values of law students and lawyers. It will make original contribution to the academic discourse on value system of lawyers and law students. It will also contribute to the teaching of legal ethics and professionalism as well as the reform of law school curriculum in this fast developing area of the world.
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