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ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism Comments re: ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education: Draft Report and Recommendations (September 2013)
ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism: Ury, Frederick S.
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ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism

As Chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism (“Professionalism
Committee”), I submit these comments of the Professionalism Committee on the Draft Report
of the Task Force on the Future of Legal Education (“Report”).
We are struck, however, by the Report’s omission of any reference to the centrality of
professionalism education, focused on principled formation of professional identity, to
effective law school instruction. That omission is a discordant note given the wide and
growing recognition that professional formation is critical not only to preservation of core
values of the profession such as civility, a service ethic, and integrity, but to the development
of personal resilience as a professional – an essential attribute for lawyers facing turbulent
times for the profession.

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