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Australia-SA Barristers Rules

Submitted by Rosebella Nyonje on Thu, 07-31-2014
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South Australian Bar Association Barristers' Conduct Rules
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South Australian Bar Association
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The general purpose of these Rules is to provide the requirements for practice as a barrister and the rules and standards of conduct applicable to barristers which are appropriate in the interests of the administration of justice and in particular to provide common and enforceable rules and standards which require them:
a) to be completely independent in conduct and in professional standing as sole practitioners;
b) to act only as consultants instructed by solicitors and other approved persons (save where instructions can be properly dispensed with); and
c) to acknowledge a public obligation based on the paramount need for access to justice to act for any client in cases within their field of practice.
The object of these rules is to ensure that all barristers:
a) act in accordance with the general principles of professional conduct;
b) act independently;
c) recognise and discharge their obligations in relation to the administration of justice; and
d) provide services of the highest standard unaffected by personal interest.
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